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News:- How does School Management Software ease the procedures of running schools?

School management software deals with the out and out management of the entire administrative processes ranging from easy tasks like attendance management and to the complex procedures of admission. The key features of School Automation Systems constitute:
 It lets parents have a record of their children’s activities
 Report card generation and access
 Managing admission of both students and teachers
 Fee assign and remit
 Transportation
 Attendance management
 Student information system
 Staff information system
 Library management
 Online examination
Every principal or a school manager at his course in a school must have come under the dilemma of managing so many complicated tasks at once. It becomes puzzling and exhausting to mark daily records of students’ attendance, fee collection, homework and assignments, examination, library management, answer evaluation etc. School management software paved way for a renaissance in educational institutions by considerably removing the head ache of workload for staff and faculty members. The interfaces and multitudes of features let the staff enter the essential details and generate monthly, weekly and yearly reports of different aspects during student’s course Schooberry School Management software is the best school automation software there is and the many customers are proof enough. It lets parents have the complete access to their children by logging into the parent module. He or she can monitor each and every activity of his or her son including the attendance. He or she will be notified of the absence, fee collection, assignments and homework etc. The system is an all round provider of necessary information and it is perfect for any school.
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