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An enterprise solution provider with the experience of over 30 years, Orèll Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a dynamic company supplying ERP solutions to educational institutions worldwide. We believe that educating the youth is investing in the future. Towards that end we strive to equip colleges, schools, libraries and other educational institutions with the means to impart quality education to the students under their care. Orèll has pioneered innovative and ground breaking solutions that are hallmarks of efficiency.

‘Team Orèll’, as our highly experienced and superbly trained group of employees is called, is committed to delivering time-bound and precise IT solutions to address the needs of the customers. At Orèll we emphasise the point-well begun is half done. Our team of Business analysts specialize in using process algorithms to accurately model the management pattern of any institution. The existing model is analysed in detail and suggestions are made to optimize and streamline the process. Orèll’s talented developers and programmers, who are experts in their domains, deliver world-class business software solutions which help its clients create a niche for themselves in their domain. Innovative technologies and methods are introduced into the system to achieve peerless performance. We offer our clients 24/7 customer support that ensures them that the solution to their problems is never more than a phone call away.

Orèll has head office in Kochi, India and development centres in Kochi and Bengaluru, which are well supported by marketing offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The company also plans on starting offices in Dubai and Singapore soon. Orèll also has an international office located in Denver, Colorado, USA that handles all its international operations.

Our strength lies in deep industry and domain expertise, strong business and technology insight, our ability to exploit modern technologies to improve efficiency and bring-in measurable business benefits . We take pride in designing and implementing solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership combined with the quality and service levels that go beyond industry standards.


Our Vision is to be a world-class software services company that helps educational institutions in achieving their goals effectively yet effortlessly. We strive to accomplish our vision through our commitment to strategic growth, service par excellence and active community participation.


In line with the company’s vision statement, Orèll will aspire to deliver the highest value to our customers, employees and the community as the premier global education software retailer. We will strive to build long term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.


Orèll Software Solutions is the leading manufacturer of education centric software in the world. The products offered by Orèll are many and varied.

  • Orèll Schooberry – Campus Management Software Suite
  • Orèll Digital Language Lab (ODLL) – Digital Language
  • eShelf – Digital Library System
  • eScholar- Learning Management
  • riteOnline- Online Examination System

Meaning of Orèll

The name Orèll is derived from the Latin word ‘Orela’ meaning Announcement from the Gods or Divine Message (related to ‘oracle’). As knowledge is believed to be a gift from God, Team Orèll felt the name most befitting as the Orèll portfolio of work deals primarily with the education sector.

  • Proven track record: Oréll has a proven track record of successfully delivering IT solutions to a variety of institutions in the educational domain globally. Additional customer references can be provided on request.
  • Financial stability, ongoing investments & long term value promise: Oréll is financially stable and we are in a growth phase. As part of corporate strategy, Oréll continually invest up to 30% of our annual revenues towards enhancing, extending and improving our portfolio of industry leading IT solutions for educational institutions thereby ensuring that our products are current, relevant and durable so as to offer immediate as well as long term value to our customers.
  • Oréll’s domain experience: Oréll operates ongoing customer contracts with leading educational institutions across five continents and none of our customers have ever terminated contracts and moved onto other suppliers after signing-up with us. We understand the in-depth requirements, the nuances, and the pressure-points of the education industry and therefore are in a unique position to offer tried, tested and proven IT solutions to customers that are tailored and in tune with the needs of a modern international educational institution.
  • Oréll’s unique blend of specialists: Oréll’s primary focus is in the global education industry. This is the only area that our technology experts operate in and this brings our clients a wealth of domain expertise that cannot be rivaled. These specialists will work with the customer to ensure that the customer derives maximum value from its investment into Oréll’s state of the art IT solutions.
  • Oréll's Customer Care Centre: The customer will benefit from the dedicated world class maintenance and support offered by Oréll’s support specialists. Based in India, our international help desk is available to overcome any issues our customers may face and ensures support is delivered in a timely manner.
  • Oréll’s best practice concepts and processes: Oréll has the experience of successfully delivering and supporting IT solutions at leading educational institutions in India and abroad. In all cases, Oréll has carried out the implementations within committed budgets and timelines. This in-depth experience has helped Oréll develop highly efficient implementation and support approaches. The customer will benefit from the 'best practice' procedures that Oréll specialists will bring into their project.
  • Oréll’s integrated and diverse product portfolio: Oréll's integrated and diverse portfolio of industry leading IT solutions for education institutions include applications for various knowledge domains such as Digital Language Lab, Digital Library and Campus Management ERP suite.
  • Increased return on investment (ROI): Oréll's portfolio of IT solutions creates a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the customer. A high degree of automation for regular but laborious tasks combined with our re-defined system and business processes allow for effective utilisation of resources. This has reduced the cost of operations and resulted in excellent ROI for Oréll customers.
  • End user training: Oréll can provide end user training for the implemented Oréll IT solutions. All IT projects require a settling-in period where the new system users may require more attention than usual. Oréll can design a suitable go live and migration plan and provide the right levels of support to assist with this process. All Oréll projects have been professionally managed and successfully delivered on-time and to-budget till date.
  • Global functionality: The Schooberry suite is currently in operational use in customer locations world- wide. These leading educational institutions are satisfied with the integrated ERP suite of modules and Oréll’s ability to continually invest, extend, enhance and improve the Schooberry suite to keep pace with customer requirements and the ever changing requirements of the education industry globally.
  • Cost saving from efficiency and automation: The client will benefit from improved availability and predictability by contracting out all operational risks to Oréll, the Schooberry suite ERP system supplier with system technology experience (Oréll developed the proposed Schooberry suite and therefore understand it best), education domain and Schooberry suite functional experience (Oréll currently deliver Schooberry suite functionality to customers world-wide).